Object permanence the realization that something out

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Unformatted text preview: te low values. The cuff should cover two thirds of the distance between the antecubital fossa and the shoulder. 393. Piaget's Cognitive Theory Animism means that all inanimate objects are given living meaning. Egocentric speech occurs when the child talks just for fun and cannot see another¶s point of view. Object permanence, the realization that something out of sight still exists, occurs in the later stages of the sensorimotor stage of development. Global organization means that if any part of an object or situation changes, the whole thing has changed. Options 2 and 4 occur during the preoperational stage. 394. Seizures Antiseizure medications are continued for a prolonged time even if seizures are controlled. Periodic reevaluation of the child is important to assess the continued effectiveness of the medication, check serum medication levels, and determine the need to alter the dosage if indicated. Antiseizure medications have potential side effects, and parents should be informed of su...
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