Option 1 does not provide for maximum socialization

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Unformatted text preview: Option 4 provides the child with maximum potential in locomotion, self-care, and socialization. The child can move around independently while lying on the abdomen anywhere the child wants to go and can interact with others as desired. Orthoses must be used all the time to aid locomotion (option 3). Option 1 does not provide for maximum socialization and normalization; rather, children with CP need to be mainstreamed as much as cognitive ability permits. Not all children with CP are intellectually challenged. Option 2 does not provide for normalization in self-care. Just as children without CP sit up and use assistive devices when eating, so should children with CP. 26 379. Childhood Development In most communities, free or low-cost after-school programs or activities are available that minimize the amount of time during which school-age children are at home alone. These programs should include adult supervision, which is needed by school-age children. Options 1, 2, and 3 are inappropriate. 380. Scoliosis Bracing can hal...
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