Option 1 is incorrect because contractures would not

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Unformatted text preview: maculopapular rash is the rash of rubella (German measles). 404. Subdural Hematoma A subdural hematoma can cause pressure on a specific area of the cerebral tissue. Especially if the infant is actively bleeding, such pressure can cause changes in the stimuli responses in the extremities on the opposite side of the body. Option 1 is incorrect because contractures would not occur this soon after delivery. Options 3 and 4 are incorrect. An infant, after delivery, normally would be incontinent of urine. Blood in the urine would indicate abdominal trauma and would not be a result of the hematoma. 405. Dental Care The practice of coating pacifiers with honey or using commercially available hard-candy pacifiers is discouraged. Besides being cariogenic, honey also may cause botulism, and broken-off pieces of the candy pacifier may be aspirated. Additionally, sweet milk or other fluids such as juice in a bottle taken at naptime or bedtime will bathe the teeth, producing caries. Fluoride, an essential mineral...
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