Option 3 describes an intervention that is

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Unformatted text preview: by decreasing the pressure on the abdominal area. Option 1 is incorrect; pain medications are not given to the client with acute appendicitis because they may mask the symptoms that accompany a ruptured appendix. Option 2 describes a nursing intervention that is necessary postoperatively. Option 3 describes an intervention that is contraindicated because heat can lead to a ruptured appendix. 366. Pneumonia Attachment is critical to optimal growth and development of children, particularly in the infant and toddler years. With the addition of oxygen therapy, the hospitalized toddler is at risk of increased anxiety. It is important to maintain the toddler in the oxygen environment at all times. Oxygen therapy is an important component of management of pneumonia and is effective only if it is used appropriately. Critical to that effectiveness is an understanding of the risks that accompany oxygen 25 therapy. Preventing fire is a key nursing intervention. Wool blankets, stuffed wool toys, and many...
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