Orthostatic hypotension is not a common clinical

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Unformatted text preview: cooling blanket should be in place on the bed or readily available if the child becomes hyperthermic. Options 1 and 3 are related to functional deficits following surgery. Orthostatic hypotension is not a common clinical manifestation following brain surgery. An elevated blood pressure and widened pulse pressure may be associated with increased intracranial pressure, which is a complication following brain surgery. 192. Leukemia A common complication of treatment for leukemia is overwhelming infection secondary to neutropenia. Measures to prevent infection include the use of a private room, strict aseptic technique, restriction of visitors and health care personnel with active infection, strict hand washing, ensuring that anyone entering the child¶s room wears a mask, and reducing exposure to environmental organisms by eliminating raw fruits and vegetables from the diet and fresh flowers from the child¶s room and by not leaving standing water in the child¶s room. The other interventions listed are measures to prevent bleeding. 193. HIV/AIDS Mo...
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