Pain out of proportion to the injury despite

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Unformatted text preview: compartment bounded by anatomical structures such as fascia. With a fracture, this pressure increase may be secondary to the intense inflammatory response or severe bleeding caused by the bone injury, regardless of the fact that diligent nursing care is provided. Pain out of proportion to the injury despite analgesic administration is the classic sign of compartment syndrome. The nurse should constantly assess for this complication and should instruct the caregiver about the manifestations associated with this complication. 338. Scoliosis Braces for treatment of scoliosis usually are worn 16 to 23 hours a day. The skin should be kept clean and dry and inspected for signs of redness or breakdown. Therefore, risk for impaired skin integrity is the nursing diagnosis that should be included in this child¶s plan of care. The child will not have a risk for delayed growth and development because normal developmental milestones can be met while wearing a brace. The brace assists with posture so mobility is not an is...
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