Prescribed preoperative medications most likely would

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Unformatted text preview: ted, and the child would be NPO while awaiting surgery. Usually, antibiotics are administered because of the risk of perforation. Prescribed preoperative medications most likely would be administered on call to the operating room. 117. Hepatitis Because hepatitis can be viral, standard precautions should be instituted in the hospital. The child should be discouraged from sharing toys, so playtime in the playroom with other children is not part of the plan of care. The child will be allowed to return to school 1 week after the onset of jaundice, so indefinite home schooling would not need to be arranged. Jaundice is an expected finding with hepatitis and would not warrant notification of the physician. Provision of a low-fat, wellbalanced diet is recommended. Parents are cautioned about administering any medication to the child, because normal doses of many medications may become dangerous because of the liver¶s inability to detoxify and excrete them. Hand washing is the single most effective measure in control of hepati...
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