Telling the parents the steps to take when a

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Unformatted text preview: are found in Hodgkin¶s disease. 390. Epistaxis Evaluation of the teaching is done by eliciting feedback to ensure parents understand the information. Use of a ³hands-on´ return demonstration is the best method to encourage mastery of skills and determine if the parents have understood what was taught. Telling the parents the steps to take when a nosebleed occurs, showing a video, and giving a brochure fall under the category of relating information but would not allow the nurse to determine if the parents understood the content. 391. Down's Syndrome Down syndrome is a form of mental retardation and is a congenital condition that results in moderate to severe mental retardation. Most cases are attributable to an extra chromosome (group G)²hence the name trisomy 21. Options 1, 2, and 3 are incorrect characteristics of this syndrome. 392. Blood Pressure Cuff The size of the blood pressure cuff is important. Cuffs that are too small will cause falsely elevated values, and those that are too large will cause inaccura...
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