The condition is not caused by a psychiatric problem

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Unformatted text preview: is not able to sense a full bladder and does not awaken to void. The child may have delayed maturation of the central nervous system. The condition is not caused by a psychiatric problem. 134. Cryptorchidism The most common complications associated with orchiopexy are bleeding and infection. The parents are instructed in postoperative home care measures, including preventing infection, pain control, and activity restrictions. Anticholinergics are prescribed for the relief of bladder spasms and are not necessary following orchiopexy. Measurement of intake and output is not required. Cold wet compresses are not prescribed. In addition, the moisture from a wet compress presents a potential for infection. 135. Cryptorchidism All vigorous activities should be restricted for 2 weeks following surgery to promote healing and prevent injury. This will prevent dislodging of the suture, which is internal. Normally, 2-year-olds want to be active; therefore, allowing the child to decide when to return to his play activities may prevent healing...
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