The harness does not need to be removed for diaper

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Unformatted text preview: moved only to check the skin and for bathing. The infant can be moved when out of the harness, but the hips and buttocks should be supported carefully. The harness does not need to be removed for diaper changes or feedings. 160. Fracture When a child is in traction, the nurse would check the physician¶s orders to verify the prescribed amount of traction weight. The nurse would maintain the correct amount of weight as ordered, ensure that the weights hang freely, check the ropes for fraying and be sure that they are on the pulleys appropriately, monitor the neurovascular status of the involved extremity, and monitor for signs and symptoms of immobilization. The nurse would provide therapeutic and diversional play activities for the child. 161. Fracture The mother needs to be instructed not to use lotion or powders on the skin around the cast edges or inside the cast. Lotions or powders can become sticky or caked and cause skin irritation. Options 1, 3, and 4 are appropriate instructions. 162. Club Foot Clubfoot is a complex deformity...
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