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The infant is developing a sense of self and the

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Unformatted text preview: t characterizes the preschool age. Industry versus Inferiority characterizes the school-aged child. 266. Respiratory Infection A 10-month-old is in the Trust versus Mistrust stage of psychosocial development according to Erikson. The infant is developing a sense of self, and the nurse should appropriately provide a consistent routine for the child. Hospitalization may have an adverse effect, and the nurse should touch, rock, and cuddle the infant to promote a sense of trust and provide sensory stimulation. Option 2 is an unsafe action. Option 1 will not provide sensory stimulation. The infant should not be restrained. 267. Lead Poisoning Homes that are older than 25 years may have lead paint and will most likely have lead pipes, which can contribute to lead poisoning. Breathing rapidly and diaphoresis are signs of salicylate poisoning. A sweet and fruity odor to the breath is a symptom of ketoacidosis. Pencil lead is made of graphite so it does not present a hazard to the child. Crayons are not toxic. 268. Safety Toys with small loose parts would be the...
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