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The mother is taught to do so also an infant or child

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Unformatted text preview: respond to the infant¶s crying. The mother is taught to do so also. An infant or child should never be allowed to fall asleep with a bottle containing milk, juice, soda pop, or sweetened water because of the risk of nursing (bottle-mouth) caries. 35. Reye's Syndrome In Reye¶s syndrome, supportive care is directed toward monitoring and managing cerebral edema. Decreasing stimuli in the environment by providing a quiet environment with dimmed lighting would decrease the stress on the cerebral 2 tissue and neuron responses. Hearing loss and urine output are not affected. Changing the body position every 2 hours would not affect the cerebral edema directly. The child should be in a head-elevated position to decrease the progression of the cerebral edema and promote drainage of cerebrospinal fluid. 36. Reye's Syndrome "The vomiting that occurs in Reye¶s syndrome is caused by cerebral edema and is a symptom of increased intracranial pressure. Small frequent meals will not affect the amount of vomiting but, if vomiting occurs, the parents s...
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