The mother should be aware of and taught safety

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Unformatted text preview: priority concern. Children at this age are likely to place the small toy parts in their mouth, which could lead to aspiration and choking. The water temperature of the hot water heater is a concern but is not the greatest hazard. The mother should be aware of and taught safety measures related to safe water temperatures for bathing the children. A gate placed at the stairs of the second floor is a safety measure. A small dog as a house pet is not necessarily a hazard. 269. Leukemia Aspirin is not administered to the child with ALL because of its anticoagulant properties and because administering aspirin could lead to bleeding in the joints. Heat also would increase the pain by increasing circulation to the area. Diversional activities would not relieve the pain. 270. Dental Care The nurse should instruct the mother that proper dental care for a toddler is important. It is important to instruct the mother to substitute sweets with healthy food items to prevent dental caries. The first dental visit should be...
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