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The pharynx is edematous and beefy red kopliks spots

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Unformatted text preview: ry covering, with red projecting papillae (white strawberry tongue). By the fourth to fifth day, the white strawberry tongue sloughs off, leaving a red swollen tongue (strawberry tongue). The pharynx is edematous and beefy red. Koplik¶s spots are associated with rubeola (measles). These are small red spots with a bluish white center and a red base located on the buccal mucosa. Petechial red, pinpoint spots occurring on the soft palate are characteristic of rubella (German measles). 219. Med Cal 220. Med Cal 221. Med Cal 222. Med Cal 223. Med Cal 224. Med Cal 225. Med Cal 226. Med Cal 227. Med Cal 228. Med Cal 229. Hemophilia The nurse needs to stress the importance of immunizations, dental hygiene, and routine well-child care. Options 1, 2, and 3 are appropriate. The parents are also instructed in the measures to implement in the event of blunt trauma, especially trauma involving the joints, and to apply prolonged pressure to superficial wounds until the bleeding has stopped. 230. Croup The mother should be instructe...
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