These include increased blood ph and bicarbonate

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Unformatted text preview: na of the ear is pulled back and up. The child should lie on the unaffected side with the ear to receive the drop facing upward. 335. Pyloric Stenosis Laboratory findings in an infant with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis include metabolic alkalosis due to vomiting. These include increased blood pH and bicarbonate level, decreased serum potassium and sodium levels, and a decreased chloride level. 336. Fracture The mother needs to understand that compartment syndrome is a complication of fracture and casting and can result in permanent limb damage as a result of pressure-related tissue necrosis. The extremity is elevated to prevent swelling, and the physician is notified immediately if any signs of neurovascular impairment develop. Cold fingers could indicate neurovascular impairment and needs to be reported. A heating pad is not applied to the cast or fingers. Skin edges are checked to monitor for irritation and skin breakdown. 337. Fracture Compartment syndrome occurs as a result of pressure buildup within a tissue...
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