This procedure avoids contaminating the short acting

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Unformatted text preview: f given at 7:00 AM. Short-acting insulin would peak after breakfast or mid-morning. Long-acting insulins would peak at bedtime. 355. Diabetes When mixing types of insulin, always withdraw the clear, rapid-acting insulin into the syringe first and then the longacting insulin. This procedure avoids contaminating the short-acting insulin with the longer-acting insulin. Therefore, the Regular insulin would be drawn into the syringe first, followed by the NPH insulin. When a child¶s insulin dosage requires the injection of both short- and intermediate-acting insulin at the same time, it is preferable to mix the two and use a single injection. Blood glucose results between 80 and 120 mg/dL are considered to be euglycemic (normal) and the prescribed dose would be administered to maintain euglycemia. 356. Dehydration In moderate dehydration, the fontanels would be slightly sunken, the mucous membranes would be dry, and the skin color would be dusky. Also, oliguria would be present. 357. Nephrotic Syndrom...
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