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Vitamin supplementsespecially the fat soluble

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Unformatted text preview: eliac disease. All wheat, rye, barley, and oats should be eliminated from the diet and replaced with corn, rice, or millet. Vitamin supplements²especially the fat-soluble vitamins, iron, 7 and folic acid²may be needed in the early period of treatment to correct deficiencies. Dietary restrictions are likely to be lifelong, although small amounts of grains may be tolerated after ulcerations have healed. 108. Intussesception Intussusception is a telescoping of one portion of the bowel into another. The condition results in an obstruction to the passage of intestinal contents. The child with intussusception typically has severe abdominal pain that is crampy and intermittent, causing the child to draw in the knees to the chest. Vomiting may be present but is not projectile. Bright red blood and mucus are passed through the rectum and commonly are described as currant jelly±like stools. Watery diarrhea and ribbon-like stools are not manifestations of this disorder. 109. Lead Poisoning Renal fun...
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