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Also are markers for biliary cholestasis elevated

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Unformatted text preview: ors of liver injury & useful in detecting acute liver disease. These include AST, ALT & GGT which are the most frequently used tests of liver damage.  ­ALT: are elevated when liver d/o is present. Used to monitor the course of hepatitis & cirrhosis or the effects of tx that may be toxic to the liver.  ­AST: are elevated if there is damage/death of organ tissues in the heart, skeletal muscle, liver & kidney. Also may be increased in cirrhosis, hepatitis & liver cancer  ­GGT: are elevated if cholestasis or alcoholic liver disease is present CARLTON MISC NOTES  ­AST/ALT ratio of >2 is indicative of alcoholic liver disease  ­GGT/LDH levels are elevated & indicative of alcohol abuse. Also are markers for biliary cholestasis  ­Elevated serum indirect bilirubin is indicative of cirrhosis  ­Serum proteins (i.e. globulin, albumin, etc.) would decrease b/c liver can’t produce them & put out into vascular system  ­Low albumin level would be indicative of liver failure  ­PTT & INR would be prolonged in liver disease b/c it takes longer to clot. Vitamin K must be present for clotting to occur.  ­HCT would be increased in presence of liver disease *SEE PAGE 1121 TABLE 39 ­1 FOR LAB VALUES 2. Liver Biopsy: the removal of a small amt of liver tissue, usually thru needle aspiration  ­Esp. useful when clinical findings & lab tests aren’t diagnostic  ­Complications: bleeding & bile peritonitis  ­Performed laparoscopically, percutaneously w/ ultrasound guidance or transvenously  ­Monitor VS pre & post procedure. Instruct pt to avoid coughing, straining, heavy lifting & strenuous activity for at least 1 wk. Post ­op pt should be placed in recumbent positio...
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