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NSG 210 Test 3 Study Guide

Bile formation bile is continuously formed by the

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Unformatted text preview: limited amount of glucose available for metabolism. This normally happens with starvation, malnutrition or with uncontrolled diabetes.  ­Fatty acids & their metabolic products are also used for the synthesis of cholesterol 5. Vitamin & Iron Storage: liver stores vitamins A, B & D in large amounts. Iron & copper are also stored here 6. Bile Formation: bile is continuously formed by the hepatocytes & collected in the bile ducts.  ­It’s composed of water, electrolytes, fatty acids, cholesterol, bilirubin, lecithin & bile salts  ­Bile is collected & stored in the gallbladder & is emptied into the intestine when needed for digestion.  ­Functions of bile are excretory (like w/ the excretion of bilirubin). Bile also serves as an aid to digestion through the emulsification of fats by bile salts 7. Bilirubin Excretion: Bilirubin is produced through breakdown of Hgb by Kupffer cells in the liver. It is then chemically modified in the liver & secreted into bile ducts SI.  ­Bilirubin concentration in the blood may be increased in the presence of liver disease or if the flow of bile is impeded 8. Drug Metabolism: liver metabolizes many meds including barbiturates, opioids, sedatives, anesthetics, & amphetamines.  ­Bioavailability: the fraction of the administered med that actually reaches the systemic circulation  ­First ­Pass: bioavailability of an oral med is decreased if most of the med is metabolized by the liver before it reaches systemic circulation General Diagnostic Evaluation for Hepatic Functioning 1. Liver Function Tests: measured in terms of serum enzyme activity & serum concentrations of proteins, bilirubin, ammonia, clotting factors & lipids. Liver dysfunction cannot be determined by these tests alone b/c other d/o can affect test results.  ­Serum aminotransferases are sensitive indicat...
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