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Ethical issues arise concerning liver transplantation

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Unformatted text preview: a & nausea.  ­After the offending med is withdrawn s/s may subside. However, s/s can be fatal even after the med is stopped. Tx: a short course of high ­dose corticosteroids may be used in pts w/ severe hypersensitivity reactions. Liver transplantation is also an option CIRRHOSIS Epidemiology:  ­Twice as many men are affected but women are at greater risk for development of alcohol ­ induced liver disease.  ­Most pts are between the ages of 40 ­60 years Disease Process: A chronic disease characterized by replacement of normal liver tissue w/ diffuse fibrosis that disrupts the structure & function of the liver. There are three types of cirrhosis:  ­Alcoholic Cirrhosis: scar tissue surrounds the portal areas. The destroyed liver cells are gradually replaced by scar tissue; eventually, the scar tissue exceeds that of the functioning liver tissue. Most frequently caused by chronic alcoholism & the most common type of cirrhosis  ­Postnecrotic cirrhosis: broad bands of scar tissue. Occurs in late stages of acute viral hepatitis, esp HCV.  ­Biliary cirrhosis: scarring occurs in the liver around the bile duct. Usually results from chronic biliary obstruction & infection. It is the least common of the types  ­Alcohol consumption is considered the major causative factor. Cirrhosis occurs most frequently among ppl w/ alcoholism.  ­Other causative factors include exposure to certain chemicals or infectious schistosomiasis S/S: Severity of s/s is used to categorize the cirrhosis as decompensated or compensated. Compensated cirrhosis is less severe & has more vague s/s; dx may be accidental. Decompensated cirrhosis includes the hepatic dysfunctions discussed earlier (ascites, PSE, Portal HTN, etc.)  ­The hepatic dysfunctions listed above can cause or are cause...
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