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Nursing care for ttubes includes keep pt in

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Unformatted text preview: & multiple blood transfusions. Chronic cholecystitis: the gallbladder is chronically inflamed due to decreased motility of bile & deficient absorption of nutrients. Multiple acute episodes can lead to chronic cholecystitis. An increase in scar tissuegallbladder can’t eject bile & bile blocked from entering the duodenumjaundice (when bile enters the bloodstream). Complications of chronic cholecystitis include pancreatitis & cholangitis S/S of chronic cholecystitis: s/s tend to be more vague & non ­specific than acute cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. Some pts may be asymptomatic until later  ­Pt may have c/o N/V, belching, diarrhea, vague abdominal pain, dehydration, tachycardia, low grade fever.  ­Later stage s/s include jaundice, icterus, clay ­colored stools, steatorrhea, & dark, frothy urine. Cholelithiasis Disease Process  ­Calculi, or gallstones, that usually form in the gallbladder.  ­Two major types: those composed of pigment & ones composed of cholesterol Pigment stones form when pigments in the bile assimilate to form stones. They cannot be dissolved & must be removed surgically. Risk of developing pigment stones is increased in pts w/ cirrhosis. Cholesterol stones account for 75% of gallbladder disease cases in the US. Decreased bile acid synthesis & increased cholesterol synthesis in the liverbile supersaturated w/ cholesterolcholesterol leaves the bile and forms stones Cholecystitis/Cholelithiasis  Since cholelithiasis usually leads to cholecystitis, there are many similarities between them Risk Factors  ­Age Distribution Prevalence increases w/ age affects 30 ­40% of ppl by age 80 Children that are obese & inactive Elderly b/c of increased production of cholesterol  ­Sex 2 ­3x more women than men develop gallbladder diseas...
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