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SCM300 - Module 6 - SCM 300 Module 06 Study Packet Module...

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SCM 300 – Module 06 Study Packet Module 06: International Supply Chain Issues This lecture illustrates a few other the key “move it” functions: Filling out the key shipping documents, and Preparing shipments for international distribution. These are important strategic and logistical issues that should be understood by business practitioners that are planning on selling products to international markets. Reading Assignment: Our textbooks do not support this material so rather than bog you down with readings on documentation and intermediaries I’m assigning a somewhat interesting article that discusses the planning required to develop a global plan for the distribution of Harry Potter books. This will be covered on the exam: Web Article Title: Harry Potter and the Magic of Distribution Original Harry Potter Article URL : Printer Friendly version: Study Guide for Harry Potter Article: 1. What types of security and pre-cautionary measures were taken to avoid leaks, early shipments, late shipments, and lost shipments? a. They had meetings months before the rollout, which included all managers from sales, security, maintenance, customer service etc… b. To avoid leaks, everyone involved were bounded by strict confidentiality agreements c. The drivers were re-trained to not deliver any of the books early d. They used technology to track all books so if some were lost they could easily be found e. They also used security personnel to check the trailer several times a day 2. Which modes of transportation were utilized in the distribution of these books? a. Almost all of the transportation was done by road in trucks b. They also used trains and in one case a horse and wagon c. for international shipment, the books were flown in 3. What were the differences associated with each mode of transportation? a. For trucking, they had to monitor the driver to make sure that he delivered exactly on time (not too early or late) much security went into this i. They delivered both full truck loads and less that full truck loads b. For air they had to make sure that it was secure and that it passed customs while still making it to the customer on time 4. Which parties were involved in the planning of these shipments? What was the timeline? a. J.B. Hunt, Yellow Transportation, and ActivAir b. They planned months before the book could even start to be shipped, then they shipped the books to locations that took the longest and waited to ship the books to the closer locations until last minute. They knew exactly (down to the hour) how long it would take the books to get to each location 5. What were the key bits of information required to calculate a load plan? a.
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SCM300 - Module 6 - SCM 300 Module 06 Study Packet Module...

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