The formabon of a lile stomach gastrulabon leads to

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Unformatted text preview: 384 – 322 BCE). •  Preforma'on: The organs are present in miniature form within the egg or sperm (Marcello Malpighi’s view, 1628 – 1694 CE) Nicolaas Hartsoeker, 1695 General Stages of Animal Development Sexual ReproducBon Requires Meiosis Cleavage GastrulaBon NeurulaBon GastrulaBon: gastr- (Greek) the stomach; - ula (LaBn) li_le; - aBon (LaBn) product of acBon. The formaBon of a li_le stomach. GastrulaBon leads to the formaBon of the three germ layers: •  Ectod...
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