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148 as a general rule disaffirmance must come either

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Unformatted text preview: 8. As a general rule, disaffirmance must come either during a minor’s minority or within a reasonable time after he reaches majority. a. True b. False 149. a. b. c. d. As a general rule, the acceptance must be the mirror image of the ____________. consideration contract offer none of the above 150. Assume an offeree mails a rejection to the offeror on November 1. This rejection arrives at the offeror’s place of business on November 5. In the meantime, on November 4, the offeree sends the offeror an acceptance that arrives November 6. Which of the following statements correctly describes the situation? a. There was no contract. b. c. d. There was a contract since the acceptance was mailed prior to the time the rejection was received. There was no contract because the rejection was mailed first. There was no contract because the acceptance was mailed more than three days subsequent to the rejection. 151. Assume an offeree mails an acceptance on November 1. This acceptance arrives at the offeror’s place of business on November 6....
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