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267 a b c d in contracts governed by the ucc an

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Unformatted text preview: ost courts would hold that: a. the contract was executed. b. the offer had been accepted. c. the offeror had, at least temporarily, lost the power to revoke. d. the offeror legally could still revoke his offer at any time. 267. a. b. c. d. In contracts governed by the UCC, an authorized means of communication is: the mail only. the telegraph only. any medium that is reasonable under the circumstances. the telephone. 268. In deciding whether consideration necessary to form a contract exists, a court must determine whether a. the consideration given by each party is of roughly equal value. b. there is mutuality of consideration. c. the consideration has sufficient monetary value. d. the consideration conforms to the subjective intent of the parties. 269. In determining whether the consideration requirement to form a contract has been satisfied, the consideration exchanged by the parties to the contract must be a. of approximately equal value. b. legally sufficient. c. exchanged simultaneously by...
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