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291 jack moved from new hampshire to florida and

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Unformatted text preview: only 100 yards of carpeting. There is a contract for 100 yards PLUS the additional yardage. There is no contract since Bob made a counteroffer. There is no contract because the additional term is too uncertain to become a contract term. 291. Jack moved from New Hampshire to Florida and decided to have an air conditioner installed in his car. After it was installed, Jack received a bill for $1,200. Jack called the dealer and told him he’d never heard of this service costing more than $500. They argued, but the dealer finally agreed to take $900. Is the agreement enforceable? a. Yes, there is no way for the dealer to get the extra money anyway. b. Yes, there is consideration for the modified amount. c. No, there is no consideration and the dealer can sue for the extra $300. d. No, there is an implied contract to pay the dealer whatever he billed Jack. 292. Jack told Abe that Jack would pay Abe $10, if Abe washed Jack’s car. Abe washed the car. At that point: a. Abe has given consideration, but Jack has not, since Jack has not p...
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