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381 sam student was hit by a car crossing the street

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Unformatted text preview: ore. Mr. Coyle contacts Mr. Patten and is told, “If you will buy Lot 21 in Section 18 and build a building according to the specifications and plans that I provide, I will grant you a Progressive Shoe Store franchise.” Mr. Coyle performs these tasks and requests his franchise. Patten refuses to grant the franchise and contends there was no consideration and Coyle cannot hold him liable. Which of the following is most correct? a. As there was no consideration, there was no liability. b. Patten will be held liable as there was consideration. c. The doctrine of promissory estoppel applies. d. The agreement is void as promissory estoppel does not apply. 381. Sam Student was hit by a car crossing the street and knocked unconscious. Fast Ambulance Service took him to the hospital while he was sill unconscious. What is Sam’s liability for Fast Ambulance’s fee? a. Not liable because no contract was formed b. Liable under an implied-in-fact contract theory c. Liable under the UCC d. Liable under quasi-contract (implied-in-law contract) theory 382. Samuel Tate enters into a contract with Bill Smith...
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