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429 the rogers family has always wanted to buy the

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Unformatted text preview: ed upon the defendant. for the damages sustained. 427. The president of Deal Corp. wrote to Boyd, offering to sell the Deal factory for $300,000. The offer was sent by Deal on June 5 and was received by Boyd on June 9. The offer stated that it would remain open until December 20. The offer a. constitutes an enforceable option. b. may be revoked by Deal any time prior to Boyd’s acceptance. c. is a firm offer under the UCC but will be irrevocable for only 3 months. d. is a firm offer under the UCC because it is in writing. 428. The requirement that each party to a contract must intentionally exchange something of value as an inducement to the other party to make a return exchange is known as: a. mutual assent. b. consideration. c. legality of object. d. contractual capacity. 429. The Rogers family has always wanted to buy the beautiful house at the top of the hill. The owners of the house, the Thompsons, decided to sell and called Mr. Rogers. Before he could get back in touch with Mr. Thompson, he suffered a heart attack and died....
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