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466 watts offered to buy a car from stills for 1200

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Unformatted text preview: only for the cost of the paint. d. Wade has no obligation to pay Victor. 465. Water Works had a long-standing policy of offering employees $100 for suggestions actually used. Due to inflation and a decline in the level of quality of suggestions received, Water Works decided to increase the award of $500. Several suggestions were under consideration at that time. Two days prior to the public announcement of the increase to $500, a suggestion by Farber was accepted and put into use. Farber is seeking to collect $500. Farber is entitled to a. $500 because Water Works had decided to pay that amount. b. $500 because the suggestion submitted will be used during the period that Water Works indicated it would pay $500. c. $100 in accordance with the original offer. d. nothing if Water Works chooses not to pay since the offer was gratuitous. 466. Watts offered to buy a car from Stills for $1,200, in writing, by mail. Stills, thinking that was too low, wrote, “Your bid is low. I will only sell it f...
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