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99 harold calls sears and demands the advertised

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Unformatted text preview: he offeree. d. This is an invitation seeking offers and not an offer. 232. Harold ordered an aluminum storm door from Sears for $249.99. Before it was delivered, Sears ran an ad in the paper for the same storm door at $179.99. Harold calls Sears and demands the advertised price. They say okay. a. Harold must pay $179.99. b. Harold must pay $249.99. c. There is no contract. d. There is a contract for the reasonable value of the door. 233. Harold purchased 400 pairs of gloves from Isaac at a contract price of $800. Fifty of the gloves were defective and a dispute arose as to the amount due and owing under the contract. Harold refuses to pay the $800 and Isaac is threatening to sue. Which of the following is correct with regard to this transaction? a. If Isaac agrees to accept $600 to settle the dispute and Harold agrees to pay that amount, the agreement is enforceable. b. If Isaac agrees to accept $600 to settle the dispute and Harold pays that amount, Isaac can still sue for the balance of $200 and will win the lawsuit. c. Harold is under a pre-existing legal obligation to pay the $800. d. Two...
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