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A contract to bribe a judge a contract to commit a

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Unformatted text preview: old glass of water. Special sale on VCR’s today -- $200 each. $75 reward for return of lost ring to Arthur Adams, 350 Main Street, Peoria, IL. 556. a. b. c. d. Which of the following would NOT be a merchant under Article 2 of the UCC? The owner of a hardware store which sells paint A car mechanic who fixes used cars and sells them in his spare time A person who inherits three speedboats and wants to sell them to buy a car Two of the above, b and c 557. Which of the following would not be enforceable without consideration? a. A promise to pay a debt barred by the Statute of Limitations b. A promise to pay a debt discharged in bankruptcy where the promise meets the requirements of the Bankruptcy Act c. A promise which falls within the doctrine of promissory estoppel d. The settlement of an undisputed debt 558. a. b. c. d. Which of the following would probably be considered to be contrary to public policy? A contract to bribe a judge A contract to commit a battery An agreement not to prosecute a crime All of the above would be contrary to public poli...
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