Contract Questions

A court would find a wade owes victor 1200 b wade is

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Unformatted text preview: y the courts as: offers. invitations to negotiate. acceptances. contracts. 463. Vantage telephoned Breyer on December 18, and offered to sell a plot of land to Breyer for $5,000. Vantage promised to keep the offer open until December 27. Breyer said he was interested in the land but wanted to inspect it before making any commitment. Which of the following best describes the legal significance of these events? a. Vantage may revoke the offer at will. b. Vantage may not revoke the offer prior to December 27. c. A contract was formed on December 18. d. Breyer’s response constituted a rejection and counteroffer. 464. Victor thought that Wade’s house was ugly, so he decided to paint it while Wade was out of town. When Wade returned, Victor presented him with a bill for $1,200, the amount a professional house painter would have charge. A court would find: a. Wade owes Victor $1,200. b. Wade is not liable to Victor for $1,200, but is liable to him for the reasonable value of the paint job. c. Wade owes Victor...
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