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A promise to pay a debt after the discharge of the

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Unformatted text preview: offer unless the question says otherwise. a. An offer for the sale of land b. An offer to purchase stock on a stock exchange c. An offer that says that it will stay open for one week d. An offer with a valid five-day option attached to it 529. Which of the following promises are enforceable without consideration? a. A contract modification in a contract covered by the U.C.C. b. A written offer signed by a merchant to buy or sell goods that assures it will be kept open for one month c. A renunciation of a claim a written waiver that is signed and delivered by the aggrieved party when the contract involves a sale of goods d. All of the above are enforceable by statute 530. a. b. c. d. Which of the following promises is enforceable in most states? A creditor promises to accept a lesser sum than due. A written promise to pay a debt barred by the statute of limitations. A promise to perform an illegal act. A promise to pay a debt after the discharge of the debt in bankruptcy was granted. 531. Which of the following represents...
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