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After all he reasons most stores carry four or five

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Unformatted text preview: and novelty ice cream products. He has nine children and doesn’t make enough money, so decides to see if Sealtest will hire him, too. “After all,” he reasons, “most stores carry four or five different brands.” His employment contract prohibits him from competing. If Don sells for Sealtest, too, will he be in trouble under his contract? a. No, it is unenforceable as against public policy. b. Yes, it is likely to be enforceable during employment. c. No, it is enforceable only after he quits Dunkirk. d. Yes, it is mutually agreed upon exchange and therefore enforceable. 200. Donald, a minor, makes a contract to sell a motorcycle to Albert, an adult. One week later, Donald has his eighteenth birthday and shortly thereafter Albert picks up the motorcycle. a. Donald has expressly ratified the contract. b. The contract must be renegotiated, because Donald was a minor when it was made. c. Donald can change his mind and avoid the contract, because it was made when he was a minor. d. The contract is void ab...
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