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An advertisement for the sale of goods b an

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Unformatted text preview: eated as invitations to make an offer rather than as offers. One of the four, however, generally is regarded as an offer. Which of the following is most likely to be regarded as an offer? a. An advertisement for the sale of goods b. An advertisement offering a reward for the return of lost property c. An auctioneer’s request for bids at an auction d. An advertisement for bids to do a construction job 224. Generally, one who responds to an advertisement by offering to purchase the goods advertised at the advertised price is: a. making a counter offer. b. making an offer. c. making an acceptance. d. accepting an offer. 225. George has been declared incompetent by the court and is under the care of his sister. Unknown to his sister, George rents the 30,000-seat civic center for his birthday party. George’s contract to rent the civic center is best described as: a. a void contract. b. a quasi contract. c. a voidable contract. d. an enforceable contract. 226. Gina promised to pay Bert $500, if Bert would stop stealing the radio from Gina’s car....
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