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An agreement by a car salesman not to sell

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Unformatted text preview: h he signed two months ago. b. Eighteen year old Tim Teenager disaffirms a contract he signed when he was seventeen. He does so two weeks after his eighteenth birthday. c. Two weeks after attaining his eighteenth birthday, Tim calls the bank to assure them that he will continue making payments on the loan agreement he signed a month before his eighteenth birthday. d. Two weeks after his eighteenth birthday, Tim makes a payment on the installment contract he signed a month before. 548. Which of the following would be considered a valid and legally enforceable agreement? a. An agreement to pay a legislator to vote for a particular bill b. An agreement under which Arthur agrees to pay Barbara $3,000 to disparage the product of Arthur’s competitor c. An agreement by the seller of a service station not to enter the service station business in Ohio for a period of 30 years after the sale of his business d. An agreement by a car salesman not to sell automobiles or automobile parts in Marin County for a period of six months after terminating his employme...
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