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Aunt ellie promises her 21 year old nephew robbie

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Unformatted text preview: r. 154. Aunt Ellie promises her 21-year-old nephew, Robbie, that she will pay him $100 if quits smoking for a month. If Robbie does, is there a binding contract? a. No, because Robbie gave no benefit to Aunt Ellie. b. No, because Robbie did not suffer any detriment. c. Yes, because stopping smoking will benefit Robbie’s health. d. Yes, because Robbie gave up a legal right. 155. Baker Corporation sent a letter to Sampson Company in which Baker offered to purchase 10 acres of certain real estate from Sampson for $4,000. Sampson responded that it would sell 8 of these acres for that price. Baker and Sampson have created a. a contract for sale of 8 acres for $4,000. b. a contract for sale of 10 acres for $4,000. c. a contract to sell 8 acres for $3,200. d. no contract in this connection. 156. Barbara Baker, a wealthy widow, promises the pastor of her church that she will donate $10,000 to the church to help pay off its mortgage, if the stewardship committee can obtain enough pledges for the balance of the $30,000...
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