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Based on the cost of similar work done for several of

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Unformatted text preview: len hired David Vause to construct an exercise center in her home. After completing the job, he sent her a bill for $3,000. Based on the cost of similar work done for several of her neighbors, Smolen stated that $2,000 was a fair price. Vause said that the market rate for quality work was $3,000, but that he would accept $2,500. Smolen agreed and remitted a $2,500 check in full payment of the debt. The parties have a. compromised a liquidated debt. b. concluded a composition with a creditor. c. reached an accord and satisfaction. d. reached an accord without satisfaction. 196. a. b. c. d. Destruction of the subject matter has what effect on the offer? The offer is terminated. The offer is delayed until additional subject matter can be located. This creates an impossibility of fact that does not terminate the offer. The offer is merely delayed under the “Hardship Rule.” 197. Divided Parcel Service includes the following on its mailing receipts: “We are not responsible for any damages to packages whether or not through the fa...
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