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Both a and c are correct 402 susie offers to sell

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Unformatted text preview: icle and get his money. 400. Steven makes a material misrepresentation of fact regarding his motorcycle to Thelma who agrees to buy the motorcycle based upon the misrepresentation. This contract is. a. void. b. voidable. c. executed. d. unenforceable. 401. Steven offered to sell his portable CD player to Thomas for $50, and told Thomas that he had ten days in which to accept. One week later Thomas saw the CD player at Violet’s house. Violet tells Thomas that she just bought it from Steven. a. Steven’s offer is a firm offer. b. c. d. Steven has revoked his offer to Thomas. Steven must keep his offer to Thomas open for the time stated and will have to get the CD back from Violet if Thomas accepts the offer. Both a and c are correct. 402. Susie offers to sell Ralph her Mustang for $500. Ralph says it will take him a week to talk his dad into giving him the money, but that he wants it. A contract is formed: a. when Ralph accepts the deal. b. when Ralph gets the money. c. when Ralph asks his dad for the money. d. when Ralph delivers the money to Susie. 403. Ted offers to pay Dennis o...
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