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Carlton went to work for hudson but a few months

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Unformatted text preview: c. if the period of time of the agreement is reasonable, it will be upheld by the court. d. two of the above, a and c. 444. Three days before she was judicially declared mentally incompetent and institutionalized, Irma bought a $50,000 automobile for cash and took delivery of it. Which of the following is true about this contract? Assume that Irma was pretty far gone when she bought the car. a. It is voidable. b. Due to Irma’s institutionalization, it is void. c. The contract cannot be disaffirmed because it is fully executed. d. By paying cash, Irma ratified the contract. 445. Tim Carlton was swimming at the beach when he happened to see Fay Hudson struggling in the water. Carlton saved Hudson’s life. Hudson was so grateful that she promised Carlton a job for the rest of his life. Carlton went to work for Hudson, but a few months later Hudson found that she did not get along with Carlton and demanded Carlton’s resignation. The contract is a. unenforceable because it was not definite enough. b. unenforceable because Carlto...
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