Contract Questions

Charlie stopped mowing the lawn and told laura that

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Unformatted text preview: Charlie that the cost of the concert ticket would be $10. Charlie stopped mowing the lawn and told Laura that he would not finish unless Laura agreed to pay him $10. If Laura agrees, and Charlie finishes the job: Charlie may collect $10, because he suffered legal detriment when he finished mowing the lawn. Charlie may collect $10, because his need for the extra money was an unforeseen circumstance. Charlie may not collect more than $5, because he had a contractual duty to mow the lawn for $5. Charlie may not collect $10, unless $10 is a reasonable price for mowing Laura’s lawn. 179. Cheryl Cheerleader, a 16-year-old high school junior, orders a new dress to wear to the high school prom. She agrees to pay $200 when the dress arrives. Before the dress comes in, she has a fight with her boyfriend and calls the store to cancel the order. a. This is an executory contract. b. The dress is a necessary item. c. Cheryl will have to pay $200 for the dress. d. Two of the above, a and b. 180. Chuck, a farmer, has 20 breeding cows. He writes to Pet...
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