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Debs promise a is illusory and therefore

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Unformatted text preview: e of 22 480. When personal property is transferred to a third person who is unaware that it was originally purchased by a minor a. the minor can avoid the sale to the third person under the UCC. b. the third person can avoid the purchase under the UCC. c. the minor cannot get the property back from the third person under the UCC. d. the minor can recover the property from the third person under the UCC upon full restitution. 481. a. b. c. d. When the auctioneer brings the hammer down on the bidding, the result is acceptance. a manifestation. withdrawal. counter-offer. 482. a. b. c. d. When there is no consideration for a promise, the agreement is: illegal. void. not binding. unethical. 483. When Western Chicken Ranch offered to sell eggs to Deb’s Dinner at 35 cents per dozen, Deb said, “I promise to pay for as many eggs as I order in the next six months.” Deb’s promise: a. is illusory and therefore unenforceable. b. is not illusory, unless Deb has an unrestricted right to cancel the contract. c. is enforceable, because Deb assumed the burden of pa...
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