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If danny sues uncle harris he will a win because

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Unformatted text preview: passed to Bean. c. lack of adequate consideration. d. mutual mistake. 345. On Danny’s 18th birthday his Uncle Harris promised in writing to pay him $5,000 if Danny would drink no alcoholic beverages for the next two years. Danny drank no alcoholic beverages for the next two years as requested. Uncle Harris refused to pay on Danny’s 21st birthday, claiming that Danny actually benefited himself by drinking no alcohol for those two years, thus, there was no consideration. If Danny sues Uncle Harris he will a. win because Danny’s promise to refrain from lawful conduct is good consideration for a contract. b. lose because all consideration must have some monetary value. c. win because a gift is an enforceable promise. d. a and c. e. none of the above. 346. On December 3, Joncie mailed a letter to Stumos offering to buy her stereo for $1,000 upon her delivering it to Joncie’s home on or before December 24. Stumos immediately sent a letter to Joncie accepting the offer and promising to make delivery. What is the significance of the letter sent by Stumos? a. Joncie co...
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