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If she wants to quit her job and go to work for

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Unformatted text preview: bad bargain for one of the parties. 442. Theodore agreed to pay Hal Hays, the owner of a grocery store, $50 if Hays would send a $100 gift certificate, identifying Theodore as the donor, to a recipient chosen randomly from a phone book. Hays mailed the gift certificate. Which of the following is correct? a. The gift recipient is liable to Theodore for $50. b. Theodore is liable to Hays for $100, the value of the gift certificate. c. Theodore is not required to pay Hays because Theodore received no value. d. Theodore’s promise to pay is supported by consideration. 443. Theresa is a travel agent at the Fly Away Travel Agency. She has signed an agreement with her employer which prohibits her from working in any like business in two towns within a 60 mile radius of where she works. If she wants to quit her job and go to work for another travel agency, it is likely that: a. a court would uphold these restrictions. b. if no trade secrets are involved, and she has no dominion over customers, a court would rule the restrictions to be invalid....
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