Contract Questions

In the meantime on november 4 the offeree sends the

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Unformatted text preview: In the meantime, on November 4, the offeree sends the offeror a rejection which arrives on November 5. Which of the following statements correctly describes the situation? a. There was no contract because the rejection arrived before the acceptance. b. There was a contract on November 6. c. There was a contract on November 1. d. There was no contract as the offer terminated on November 4 when the rejection was sent. 152. At an ABC University Alumni meeting, Carl and the others at his table signed a subscription form, on which he agreed to donate $5,000 to ABC University. In most states, Carl’s promise: a. would be enforced. b. would not be enforced, because the university has not given consideration. c. would not be enforced, because a university is not considered a charity. d. both b and c above. 153. a. b. c. d. At an auction sale, each bid is: a counteroffer to the auctioneer’s offer of the merchandise. an acceptance of the auctioneer’s offer. an invitation to negotiate. an offe...
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