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In which of the following instances will silence by

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Unformatted text preview: e debt is uncertain and undisputed Where the only consideration the creditor gives the debtor is his promise not to sue the debtor on the original debt Where the settlement is part of a composition agreement 285. In which of the following instances will silence by the offeree constitute acceptance? a. The offeror stated that silence would constitute an acceptance and the offeree intended to reject the offer but forgot. b. During the course of prior business dealing, the offeree has always sent a rejection if the items were not wanted. The offeror always shipped the items if such a rejection was not received. c. An offeree receives unordered goods in the mail along with a letter from the sender that the offeree must return them if they are not wanted. d. The offer tells the offeror that (s)he will accept or reject the next morning. (S)he intends to reject but fails to respond to the offeror. 286. In which of the following situations does the common law “pre-existing duty” rule not apply? a. Where the alleged promise to perform a pre...
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