Contract Questions

In which of the following situations would the court

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Unformatted text preview: g situations would the court find that there is a rejection? Henry tears up the written offer in front of Alice and says, “That’s what I think of your offer.” Henry says nothing, but in front of Alice turns to his son, Chris, and says, “Here, this camera is yours.” Henry says to Alice, “I accept, provided you pay me $475 instead.” All of the above. Alice offered to sell her computer, monitor and printer to Bradley for $300. Two days later Bradley mails a letter to Alice in which he accepts the offer. Three days later, before Alice has received the letter, Bradley calls to say he won’t be able to accept her offer. What is the status of their negotiations? A contract came into acceptance when Bradley mailed the letter. There is no contract, because Bradley has rejected the offer. There is no contract, because the time for delivery has not been discussed. There is no contract, because an acceptance by letter is not an appropriate means of acceptance. 100. Alice says to Brian, “If I decide to buy a word processor next year, I will buy it from you...
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