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Jim said to donna ill feed your cat if you agree to

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Unformatted text preview: initio, because Donald was a minor at the time it was made. 201. Donna told Jim that she needed someone to feed her cat while she was on vacation. Jim said to Donna, “I’ll feed your cat, if you agree to pay me $30.” Donna said to Jim, “I’ll do it.” At that point, Jim and Donna have: a. a unilateral, executory contract. b. a bilateral, executory contract. c. a partially executed contract. d. no contract, unless Donna and Jim agree to put it in writing. 202. Dye sent Hill a written offer to sell a tract of land for $60,000. They were engaged in a separate dispute. The offer stated that it would be irrevocable for 60 days if Hill would promise to refrain from suing Dye during this time. Hill promptly delivered a promise not to sue during the term of the offer. Dye subsequently decided that the possible suit by Hill was groundless. Dye then phoned Hill and revoked the offer. Hill mailed an acceptance. Dye did not reply. Under the circumstances, a. Dye’s offer was supported by conside...
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