Contract Questions

John operates a small repair business and is in

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Unformatted text preview: s the new car and services it. They erroneously deliver it to Breck Tyler. When Breck discovers that he has received the car, which one of the following best describes the contract situation that exists between Breck Tyler and Belk Ford? a. Quasi b. Executed c. Illusory d. Executory 303. John operates a small repair business and is in desperate need of a certain type of building material. He obtains the material from a large corporation, but is charged a grossly unreasonable price and is forced to buy other material he does not need. In view of the buyer’s unequal bargaining power and unreasonable terms of the contract, this may be a case of: a. in para delicto. b. partial illegality. c. substantive unconscionability. d. procedural unconscionability. 304. John Q. Public is insane but has not been adjudged so by a court of law. If Mr. Public enters into a contract, a. the contract is always enforceable by both parties. b. the contract may be voidable by the party who is not insane. c. the contract may be voidable at the option of the ins...
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