Contract Questions

Larry has refused to pay julian writes larry a letter

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Unformatted text preview: ane person, if he lacked the mental capacity to comprehend the subject matter. d. the fact that Mr. Public entered into a contract proves that he is not insane. 305. Julian Fagan is owed $10,000 by Larry Berry. Julian has insisted that Larry pay this amount for a period in excess of a year. Larry has refused to pay. Julian writes Larry a letter in which he states, “If you do not pay the $10,000 by December 22, 1983, I shall file suit against you and collect interest and court costs.” What is the status of such a threat? a. It is perfectly legal. b. It is not legal. c. It constitutes coercion. d. Such a statement would make the maker liable for the distress caused to the other party. 306. Kay, an art collector, promised Hammer, an art student, that if Hammer could obtain certain rare artifacts within 2 weeks, Kay would pay for Hammer’s post-graduate education. At considerable effort and expense, Hammer obtained the specified artifacts within the 2-week period. When Hammer requested payment, Kay r...
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